I’m so grateful for Heritage Spinal Care, and for Dr. Barnes. I don’t know where I would be without him.

Rachel L.

Dr. Barnes is the best. This chiropractic care really does work. My daughter came with me to my first appointment, and she was so curious she wanted an adjustment to see what it was all about. She loved it, and she and her daughter are now patients of Dr. Barnes, too.

Twana V.

I’ve tried lots of different types of chiropractic care throughout my life, and this one is the freaking best!

Mardell W.

For the past 9 months I have had to extremely limit my activity. Some tissue treatments feel great, but nothing longterm. I was really hesitant on where I put my money for help. When someone suggested Chiropractic I quickly responded “I don’t do Chiro’s. I have been twice for this and I felt it made me worse.” After researching NUCCA and hearing Dr. Barnes speak, I went with it. Not to make this sound too miraculous (though really it was) there was truly some incredible relief after the first adjustment!!

Tara F.

Chiropractic Care

A very gentle and accurate correction of the spine leaving you with a balanced frame and restoring the body’s own healing power.

Pediatric / New Born

Our Nervous system coordinates ALL growth and development. It resides in the skull and spinal column and spinal misalignments can slow this important job allowing sickness and disease to become more frequent.

Auto Accident Injury

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